Zwilling J.A. Henckels Professional ‘S’ series Santoku Knife - 17.8cm (7")

Zwilling J.A. Henckels Professional ‘S’ series Santoku Knife - 17.8cm (7")

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This Santoku knife with scalloped kullen edge from the ZWILLING® Pro range is very versatile. The shape of this knife originated in Japan, the traditions of which are upheld in its making. The Santoku knife is exceptionally good for cutting fish and vegetables and is absolutely ideal if you want to attempt making your very own sushi. Although meat is not an ingredient traditionally found in Japanese cuisine, it has, nevertheless, found a place on the menu: the Santoku knife demonstrates its exceptional versatility and cuts this ingredient with equal ease. Each of these excellent qualities mean that you can use the knife to prepare exotic dishes from the Far East, as well as traditional European meals.

The scalloped kullen distributed regularly along the blade prevent ingredients from sticking to the blade, which is particularly helpful when a very fine cut is required. This feature, in addition to the precision forged blade, means that it is easy to cut ingredients into wafer-thin slices. The knife is made even more versatile thanks to its 18 cm blade, which helps you to cut up both small and medium-sized ingredients. The specially developed steel also results in an exceptionally hard, highly flexible blade. Bring your culinary creativity to life with the Santoku knife from ZWILLING.


  • Weight:                     250g (8.8 oz)
  • Length of product:   32.50 cm (12.8")
  • Width of product:     2.00 cm (0.79")
  • Height of product:    4.20 cm (1.65")
  • Blade length:            18.00 cm (7")
  • Handle length:         13.50 cm (5.3")
  • Handle width:           2.00 cm (0.79")
  • Blade width:              0.20 cm (0.079")
  • Blade thickness:        0.20 cm (0.079")
  • SKU:                          31117-180

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