About Us

Ware Bros Cutlery – The Knife Shop commenced operating in 1993 from 177 Elizabeth Street, Hobart when the Ware Brothers re-opened a retail Cutlery Shop and Sharpening business. Prior to this there had been a similar business operating from this shop under the name Southern Cutlery by a 5th generation German cutler.

Over the years since 1993 several owners have run the business with the latest change of ownership occurring in March 2017.

The business is Tasmanian owned and operated and is guided today, as it has been since 1993, by providing a range of high quality bladed products at a reasonable price, provision of a ‘repeat oriented’ sharpening service coupled with excellent customer service where we take an interest in how customer is going to use the purchased item.

Our Products and Services include:

– A professional sharpening service for bladed items, excluding hand and power saws.

– Provision of a quality service to regular customers like chefs, fisherman, butchers, factories, the local hospitality industry, hairdressers, barbers and private customers alike.

– Provision of a broad range of quality bladed items including:

  • Kitchen Knives – ie:Paring, Utility, Chef, Bread, Carving knives
  • Process Knives – ie: Boning, Filleting knives
  • Sharpening & Honing Tools
  • Chef’s Cases/Wraps
  • Fixed and Folding bladed knives.
  • Leatherman Multi-tools
  • Swiss Army Pocket Knives
  • Scissors for a range of uses – sewing, embroidery, household and kitchen use; hair dressing and grooming, upholstery and business uses
  • Garden Tools- Secateurs, Loppers & Saws
  • Animal Grooming Clippers, Blades & Scissors
  • Hairdressing Clippers & Scissors
  • Personal grooming razors and cut throats