Victorinox Tourist Swiss Army Knife

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Medium Sized Pocket Knife

Victorinox Tourist Swiss Army Knife The Victorinox Tourist Swiss Army Knife is part of the Original Swiss Army Knives Collection. The Tourist is a multi-function tool that is an essential for anyone who is planning to visit other countries. Victorinox are the original creators of the Swiss Army Knife. Since its beginning in 1897 Victorinox pocket knives are a recognised brand in more than 100 countries. Precision, quality and functionality are the hallmarks of any Victorinox Swiss Army Knife.


  • For the on-the-go globetrotter
  • Swiss made pocket knife with 12 functions
  • Two Layers
  • Includes corkscrew and reamer, punch
  • Fully Fine Edge Knife
  • Key ring attachment design


  1. Large Knife
  2. Can Opener
  3. 3mm Flathead Screwdriver
  4. Corkscrew
  5. Reamer, Punch And Sewing Awl
  6. Key Ring
  7. Tweezers
  8. Toothpick (On Reverse)
  9. 6mm Flathead Screwdriver
  10. Bottle Opener
  11. Small Blade
  12. Wire Stripper


  • Height:                    14mm (0.56")
  • Length:                    84mm (3.3")
  • Weight:                    51 Grams (1.8 oz)
  • Scale colour:            Red
  • Country of Origin:    Switzerland
  • SKU:                          35050

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