Victorinox Household Scissors, 15cm, "Sweden"

Victorinox Household Scissors, 15cm, "Sweden"

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Every household needs a pair in a drawer – to call on when tags need snipping from clothes, buttons need stitching to shirts, paper needs cutting to size and ribbons need trimming on gifts. That’s why we’ve created our great all-round Household Scissors ‘Sweden’, which have a sleek and simple profile and whose two sizes have slightly different handle hole shapes for fit and comfort. They’re for every purpose and project – a handy, dependable standby that’s robustly forged and exceptionally long-lasting.


  • Perfect for general cutting jobs
  • Forged scissors with exceptional functionality
  • With sharp stainless steel blades and handles


  • Overall length:                      
  • Blade length:                    
  • Blade material:                 Stainless steel
  • Weight:                            77 Grams (2.72oz)
  • Country of Origin:           Switzerland
  • SKU:                                 8.1016.15