Victorinox Butcher's Sharpening Steel - Round Middle - Black Handle - Fine Cut

Victorinox Butcher's Sharpening Steel - Round Middle - Black Handle - Fine Cut

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There is more to cooking than just simple food preparation. Cooking is a passion, hobby, culture and sometimes even an art. However, above all, cooking should be fun and choosing the right kitchen utensil is a crucial factor in ensuring that it is enjoyable.

This 12” Victorinox Butcher’s Sharpening Steel is manufactured from High Carbon Chrome Vanadium Steel which hardened, annealed before it is magnetized and hard chromium-plated. This Steel Rod is manufactured for Victorinox in Germany and will ensure that your knives are always sharp.

This well-proportioned 30.5 cm Sharpening Steel gives good balance with a symmetrical Handle to avoid concentration of wear of the steel. It oval shape offers the user more contact with the rod as he swipes the knife over the rod's surface.

The middle fine cut is used for a minor abrasion on from the blade and to obtain a fine edge. Due to an extremely fine cut, the sharpened edge is smoother whilst removing material. This leads to a long preservation of a very sharp edge.

Designed to meet the highest hygiene standards with a black resilient Polypropylene (PP) Handle and mounted with a Steel Ring for Hanging.

Professionals and budding chefs alike swear by Victorinox Sharpening Steels.

Tip: A Sharpening Rod's Length must be at least as long as the knife's blade to function correctly. So, if you have several knives, make sure that you choose a Steel that is at least a long as your largest knife blade.


  • Steel Length:            30cm (12")
  • Overall Length:         43 cm (16.9")
  • Weight:                     410 Grams (14.46oz)
  • Rod Material:             High Carbon Chrome Vanadium Steel
  • Handle Material:        Thermoplastic elastomers
  • Country of Origin:     Switzerland.

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