Top Shelf Dual Grit Whetstone – 120 / 240 grit

Top Shelf Dual Grit Whetstone – 120 / 240 grit

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Dual Grit Whetstone


The Combination Whetstone offers two grit grades per stone for a more economical choice in water stones. The stones are large enough for just about any knives and tools. This stone comes mounted on a soft silica gel non slip base.

Good quality knives need to be looked after and must be sharpened from time to time. When subjected to wear and tear, through contact with the object being cut or with the chopping board, even the best knife will lose it’s edge eventually. It’s never any fun or safe to use a blunt knife so do yourself a favour and  use a whetstone.

Whetstone sharpening is an art, however like all things in life, practice and persistence is the key! A whetstone should always be used in conjunction with a honing steel, for an optimum edge.


  • Made from:                Corundum (Aluminum Oxide).
  • Length:                      18 cm (7")
  • Width:                        6 cm (2.4")
  • Depth:                        2.7 cm (1.09")
  • Weight:                      605 Grams (21.34oz)
  • Country of Origin:      China
  • Dual Grit:                   120 / 240 grit
  • SKU:                           906

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