Tojiro Whetstone – 8000 grit

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Tojiro’s synthetic whetstones are manufactured from fine, perfectly graded, sintered ceramic and are strongly recommended for the maintenance of Tojiro blades.

This whetstone is a 8000 grit stone and is great for an ultra sharp edge to be used after using a 3000 grit on your edge resulting in a super fine edge or what is called “polishing”. This grit is perfect for those wanting the ultimate edge on a middle to high end quality knife.
All whetstones need to be submerged into water for about 5 minutes before sharpening to ensure there is enough moisture to create a paste between the knife and the stone. It is also recommended to use a few drops of dishwashing liquid to enhance lubrication.

Product Information:

Model:                           TF-455
Material:                       Fused Alumina
Grit:                               8000 grit
Length:                         20 cm
Width:                           7 cm
Height:                          2.6 cm
Weight:                         345 grams
Country of Origin:      Japan