Opinel Sheath - Outdoor - Brown - Medium

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The Medium Outdoor sheath fits all #07, #08 and #09 Classic Folding Knives, as well as the #08 and #10 Slim folding knives.

The Medium Outdoor Sheath is a great companion for any Opinel knife. The sheath can be hung by the orange webbing, or run a belt through the loop for a snug fit. The stainless steel snap enclosure will keep your knife safely secured during transport.


  • Length:                      14cm (5.5")
  • Width:                        5 cm (2.0")
  • Height:                       1.5cm (0.6") unfilled
  • Weight:                      23Grams (0.8 oz)
  • Material:                    Synthetic (Imitation leather)
  • Country of Design:     France
  • Country of Origin:      China
  • SKU:                          YO002182