OPINEL plus Monbento 'On the Go' Picnic Lunch Set - Limited Edition

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An exclusive collaboration.

When the volcanoes of Auvergne meet the mountains of the Alps, the result is a practical meal kit that is perfect for everything from hikes and picnics in the great outdoors to lunches at work! Made in France, the on-the-go meal kit brings together the MB Original Lunch Box from Monbento and the Opinel Picnic+ set for a smart and sustainable collaboration.

The Monbento lunch box

Its two leak proof compartments can each hold 500 ml, making them perfect for transporting your consistent lunches, keeping them perfectly organised. This resistant lunch box will join you on all your hikes!

Limited Edition No.08 Folding Knife

A classic Opinel No.08 Folding Knife with a hornbeam handle and stainless steel blade features a limited edition topographic design - a nod to the mountainous regions Monbento and Opinel hail from - printed on the handle with mustard yellow accents. To be used with the Picnic+ fork and spoon (utilising the Virobloc® safety ring) to create a cutlery set for on-the-go meals!

The Opinel napkin case

This versatile microfibre napkin can be used for transporting Opinel cutlery, and can also be used for shining up your apple or for protecting your picnic spot.

The meeting between the mountains of Savoie and the volcanoes of Auvergne gives birth to a smart and sustainable product.

 The travel meal kit contains:

- the Picnic+ set, consisting of a N°08 knife with a hornbeam wood with beautifully decorated handle, fork and spoon inserts and an anthracite and mustard microfibre napkin case

- the MB Original bento from Monbento composed of two hermetic containers with a total capacity of one litre

The exclusive design is a nod to the mountains and has a unique mustard and anthracite look, suitable for both the city and the countryside.    

Country of Origin:   France

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