Opinel “N°04 Carbon Steel Pocket Knife”

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You can’t go wrong with an Opinel, simple design with good steel and great value. A combination that has worked for years and will carry on working for years and years. Little and smart – this small knife is accurate and effective in daily life – unpack the packages, make models …

Opinel knife blades are made using steels with a high carbon content, which is what makes it possible to achieve the excellent hardness after heat treatment, guaranteeing the good strength of the cutting edge, resistance to wear and easy sharpening.

The handle is made from durable Beech wood from France, being hard, durable and easy to work. With a homogeneous appearance, its light color varies from yellow to pink. It is characterized by the presence of numerous small, dark dashes. The Opinel Yatagan blade, with its curved point and round profile, is effective, precise, elegant.

The Opinel folding knife is an ideally sized backup or emergency pocket knife, perfect for all purposes – a true all rounder.

Beginning in 1890, the Opinel Originals collection included 12 sizes, numbered from 1 – 12. In 1932 fabrication of the No. 1 stopped; it having a 2cm blade and a box wood handle. It was meant to be attached to a key fob or watch chain and used as a pipe cleaner nail cleaner …. In 1935 the No. 11 ceased production as its size was considered too similar to the other large knives.

The main feature of the carbon steel are its exceptional cutting quality and very easy sharpening. To protect the blade against rust, as carbon can corrode easily, the blade must be wiped clean of fingerprints and washed and dried after each use.

  • Overall Length:     Open: 11.8 cm (4.65″)  Closed: 5.7 cm (2.25″)
  • Blade Length:        5 cm (1.97″)
  • Blade Thickness:  2.03 mm
  • Steel:                       Carbon steel
  • Hardness:              6-58 HRC
  • Handle Material:   Beech wood
  • Weight:                  10 Grams (0.35 oz)
  • Made in:                France
  • SKU:                       YO111040

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