Mundial Dressmaking Scissors 20370 - 21 cm (8.3")

Mundial Dressmaking Scissors 20370 - 21 cm (8.3")

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Mundial-Dressmaker Shears are used for a wide range of cutting tasks. These shears are able to cut through fabric of many weights. They are designed with bent, or offset, handles so that whatever is being cut does not have to be lifted off the cutting surface and to ensure that the shears do not harm the cutting surface. 

MUNDIAL’s scissors and shears begin with fine cutlery steel which is fully forged, tempered, plated, ground, honed, polished, adjusted, tested and inspected by cutlery artisans to meet exacting quality standards. The result is scissors and shears of uncompromising quality that will bring you years of cutting pleasure.

Care and Protection

Mundial scissors and shears are precision instruments that will last for a lifetime with simple care.

  • When not in use they should be kept in their original package to protect them from scratches and dust.
  • Store in a moisture free environment to avoid rusting.
  • An occasional drop of oil on the screw and blade will insure a smoother and longer cutting life.
  • If scissors cannot complete the cut, stop cutting. Do not force a cut.
  • Cut heavy materials near the pivot, not near the tips of the blades.
  • Use the right scissors or shears for the right job; for example, embroidery scissors are not to be used for heavy fabric.
  • Handle with care, dropping scissors can knock them out of alignment, reducing cutting accuracy.
  • Do not use water to clean. Wipe off excess lint with clean/soft cloth after each use.


  • Dressmaker Shears are used for a wide range of cutting tasks
  • These shears are able to cut through fabric of many weights
  • They are designed with bent or offset handles
  • Right Handed design


  • Length:                  21 cm (8.3”)
  • Length of cut:        16.5cm (6.5”)
  • Weight:                  523 Grams (18.45oz)
  • Blades:                   Fully Forged High Carbon
  • Handles:                 Black Moulded Plastic
  • Country of Origin:  Brazil
  • SKU:                        20370

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