Miyabi 5000FCD 2pc set - Shotoh Utility / Gyutoh Chef

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This beautifully set of Miyabi 5000FCD Utility and Chef knives are perfect for your everyday kitchen tasks. 

Crafted with finesse garnered over years of knife craftsmanship, the Miyabi 5000FCD Knives are constructed from FC61 Fine Carbine steel then sandwiched by 48 layers of damascus steel on each side, resulting in a beautiful 'Flower Damascus' pattern. 

The Miyabi 5000FCD Utility knife and Miyabi 5000FCD Gyutoh Chef Knife combine traditional Japanese sword making craftsmanship and the excellence of German engineering to bring you these extremely sharp and perfectly balanced knives. 

Miaybi 5000FCD blades are formed by 49 layers of steel with the central core layer having a Rockwell hardness of approximately 61. This core is sandwiched by 48 layers of softer steels, each rolled on top of each other creating a ‘Flower Damascus’ pattern that has become synonymous with this range. The FC61 core produces a sharpness and cutting edge retention measurably superior to ordinary knife steels.

With an ice hardened blade using the unique FRIODUR process which provides the blade with optimal edge retention, flexibility, and high corrosion resistance

Razor-like sharpness is achieved by a three-stage grinding, sharpening and polishing process called Honbazuke honing. The entire length of the cutting edge can be used as there is no finger guard.

The black Pakka Wood handle is wonderfully balanced and features a steel end cap with decorative pin and ring.

For best care, wash by hand, and maintain and sharpen using whetstones. We’d recommend using a wooden chopping board as opposed to glass, ceramic, plastic or stone boards as these will dull the cutting edge.


  • Honbazuke honed symmetrical edge for exceptional sharpness, knife angle around 10 degrees per side
  • Three-part traditional construction
  • FRIODUR® ice-hardened blade for exceptional durability of the cutting edge and corrosion resistance.
  • Ergonomic Pakka wood handle for perfect balance, outstanding comfort and fatigue-free cutting, with concealed tang
  • Half bolster which provides a seamless transition between the handle and blade.
  • Hand wash only
  • Blade core made of FC61 steel embedded in 48 layers of steel, Made in Seki, Japan
  • Warranty: ZWILLING Lifetime Warranty


  • Gyutoh overall length:          34.2 cm (13.46”)
  • Gyutoh blade length:            20 cm (8”)
  • Gyutoh blade thickness:       10mm
  • Gyutoh blade height:            2.5 cm (2”)
  • Gyutoh weight:                    200 grams (7.05z)
  • Total bevel Angle:                 20 degrees
  • Sharpening angle:                19 degrees
  • Handle length:                     13.4 cm (5.3”)
  • Shotoh overall length:         24.4cm (9.6”)
  • Shotoh blade length:          13cm (5.2”)
  • Shotoh blade thickness:      1.7mm
  • Shotoh blade height:           2.8cm (1.1”)
  • Shotoh weight:                   92 grams (3.25oz)
  • Total Bevel Angle:               20 degrees
  • Handle length:                   10.7cm (4.2”)
  • Country of Origin:              Japan
  • Manufactured in:               Seki, Japan
  • Packaging:                        Gift Boxed
  • SKU:                                   624832

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