Misuzu SKS93 Bunka 16cm (6.3")

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Misuzu bunka is a smaller multi-purpose knife that will impress with its versatility and sharpness. With weighing only 90g (3.2 oz) it is a super lightweight, thin profile with a long and straight blade and a prominent front tip.

The shape of the blade is bunka, with a slightly unique, very straight and upwards pointy blade knife profile that will give you plenty of knuckle clearance. Misuzu bunka will shine with all kinds of chopping and cutting on the cutting board, but it lacks some blade length to tackle larger cuts of meat.

The core is made of SKS93 steel, which is high-carbon steel, so it will need some additional maintenance and care, and it will develop patina. However, the two outer layers in this san-mai clad steel sandwich are made of stainless steel, which will protect the core steel from rusting. Only the very end of the edge is exposed and there you will notice patina. As with all high-carbon steel knives, sharpening them is very easy. Super fine and smooth sharpness can be achieved even with those who are still learning the skill. The straight blade with almost no curvature is easy to sharpen and is a great profile to learn sharpening skills on.

A basic traditional Japanese wooden handle was fitted on Warikomi bunka. The handle is made of magnolia wood with a black plastic ferrule. Magnolia wood is known for its antiseptic properties, but since it is a soft wood with a light color, it will stain easily, therefore we recommend using the knife with clean hands. The handle is D-shaped, meaning it will fit better into the hands of right-handed users.

Misuzu Knives

In the quiet suburbs of Miki, Hyogo, a region long famous for metalwork, sits knife master Yamato Miyawaki’s small store and workshop of traditional knives.

Misuzu Knives was the first company in Japan to use the now well-known san-mai soft stainless cladding technique. This technique sandwiches a knife’s hard, high-carbon core in stainless steel to protect it against rust, and was innovated by Misuzu’s founder, Shinji Suzuki, in 1946.

The fascinating story is that when Yamato married into this knife family, he was working in mass media and his dream was to create TV commercials. There was no mention of following in the family footsteps. However when Yamato’s father-in-law fell ill, with no one to carry on the family business, Yamato asked his permission to become a knife maker. The father-in-law’s answer was NO. He said, “Why would I wish on my daughter the insecurity of having her husband in a self-employed business?”

So Yamato took the matter into his own hands. At 35, with two young children, he quit his job and trained full-time (unpaid) with a knife crafts person in Sakai, Osaka for 3 months.

Yamato went on to become a professional knife maker. Decades later, he still trains regularly with artisans in Osaka, continuing to hone his skills to create the best knife possible. He is driven by a strong passion to carry the name of Banshu region knives, and is constantly refining his immaculate knowledge and skills. Thanks to Yamato’s efforts, the Misuzu knife shop is thriving in its 3rd generation. 

On a normal day, in any weather, you can find Yamato creating and sharpening knives for shipment in his inside/outside studio. As he produces all the knives knives by hand, he can only make so many in a month. He works on his own and hopes to train a young blade maker to carry on this art and knowledge.


  • Blade Length:                    16 cm (6.3")
  • Blade Height:                     48mm (1.9")
  • Total Length:                      29 cm (11.4")
  • Spine Thickness at Base:     1.7 mm (0.07")
  • Blade Material:                   SKS93 Carbon Steel
  • Weight:                              95 Grams (3.4 oz)
  • Origin:                               Miki, Japan
  • SKU:                                  JN14625

Knife Care

Knives made of carbon steels can, due to their low chromium (Cr) content, discolor and develop patina. The knife is the most sensitive when it is still new and a patina had not developed yet, but later, patina will protect the blade. These types of knives require a touch more care:

  • Wipe it regularly with a clean and dry cloth (you can also do this during use).
  • After use, rinse it with lukewarm water and wipe it dry.
  • Coat it regularly with plain refined oil.( Sunflower; Canola)
  • Store the knife by wrapping it in paper which will absorb moisture and protect the blade.

A patina is a thin layer that forms on the surface of oxidized steel and protects it from further oxidation. The patina should not be confused with rust. Patina protects the blade, while rust causes corrosion and deterioration of material, so it should be removed .


Blade wear depends on the quality of steel, usage and maintenance of the blade. Japanese knives are made of high-quality steels. Follow these tips to keep your Japanese knife in top-notch shape:

  • Use a wooden or plastic cutting.
  • After use, wash the knives and wipe them dry.
  • Use a magnetic rack, knife block or protective knife guard.
  • A good cutting technique is your best bet to prolong sharpness.
  • Use sharpening stones to sharpen the knife.
  • Do not leave the knife in the sink. Wash it by hand.
  • Do not wash the knife in the dishwasher.
  • Do not use the knife on glass, ceramics, marble or steel surfaces.
  • Do not scrape the food off the cutting board with the edge of the blade. Use the spine of the knife instead.
  • A knife is not a can opener, screwdriver, trowel, wire cutter, hammer etc. Kitchen knives are meant for preparing food.

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