F. Dick Pro Dynamic Starter Set - 9pc

F. Dick Pro Dynamic Starter Set - 9pc

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Looking for the perfect knife set for your kitchen? This 8 piece starter set comes complete with a high quality roll bag, as well as razor sharp knives that make preparing food effortless. The knife set is ideal for professional and amateur chefs and catering students. Each item features soft, pressure absorbing handles for total comfort whilst you cut, slice and chop.

The set includes an 8" chef's knife for day to day chopping and slicing. A practical and versatile 10" utility knife that helps with general tasks that the chef knife is too big for. An 8" fillet knife for perfectly preparing fish and a 6" boning knife that effortlessly removes succulent strips of meat from bones. A 2.5" kitchen knife and a 2" peeling knife help with the more intricate and delicate tasks, such as peeling fruits and vegetables.

All of these amazing knives are perfectly balanced for precision, comfort and control, making them easy to use and perfect for any chef in any kitchen. Each blade is made from a high quality alloy - X45CrMoV15 - that gives them excellent edge retention for maximum sharpness.

The set also includes a pair of utility tongs and a sharpening steel to help you keep your new kitchen knives honed and safe. It features flat ends so you can safely rest it on the surface of your tables or chopping boards whilst sharpening. And a hook so it can be safely hung to avoid dulling.

The textile roll bag is made to withstand constant use, with a durable construction and strong buckles. The shoulder strap makes it easy to carry around, helping you to take your chefs knives with you, wherever you go. With space for 11 knives, you'll never be without your favourite kitchen knives.


  • Blade Material:            X 45 Cr Mo V15 stainless steel
  • Handle Material:         Hygienic solid plastic handle
  • Hardness:                   56 HRC
  • Contents:                   20cm (8") chefs knife
                                      25cm (10") utility knife,
                                      20cm (8") fillet knife
                                      15cm (6") boning knife,
                                      7cm (2 ¾") kitchen knife,
                                      5cm (2") peeling knife
                                      Utility tongs,
                                      Sharpening steel, and
                                      textile roll bag
  • Weight:                     1.4 kg (49.38oz)
  • Country of Origin:      Germany
  • SKU:                            8.1094.00

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