F. Dick Dickoron Sharpening Steel - Sapphire cut - 35cm (14")

F. Dick Dickoron Sharpening Steel - Sapphire cut - 35cm (14")

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Friedr. Dick is well known to professional chefs around the world as the leading innovator in its field. Its international reputation as a manufacturer of quality utensils is based on the consistent reliability and longevity life of our products.

The F. Dick Dickoron 30 cm(12") Round Sapphire Cut Steel is one of the most preferred steels of professionals in Germany because they are chromed for the hardness that high carbon steel knives require. Provides an extremely sharp cutting edge.

Made in Germany, the F.Dick Dickoron Sharpening Steels have been designed with ergonomics and comfort in mind. 

So, what exactly is the difference between the F. Dick sapphire and fine cut steels? They are very similar in terms of how deeply they are grooved, but the sapphire has straight, very fine striations running from the handle to the tip as you would see on most steels. The fine cut is a wavy pattern. It kind of looks like a series of "S" shapes carved up and down the length of the rod. Because of this patterning, the fine cut is slightly more aggressive in texture than the sapphire.


    • Overall Length:                   ?? cm (11")
    • Blade Length:                     ?? cm (6")
    • Weight:                               ?? (5oz)
    • Handle Material:                 ???
    • Country of Origin:               Germany
    • SKU:                                     7.5981.30

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