Japanese Hatchet - 18cm (7")

Japanese Hatchet - 18cm (7")

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Japanese Hatchet – a really solid tool for removal of small branches from trees. Wooden handle of Japanese White Oak secured to a 5mm thick blade 18 cm long.

Great for camping when you want to get a fire started and you need some kindling. Comes with a wooden scabbard that hangs from a belt loop. The scabbard is covered in black vinyl.


  • Overall length:               39 cm (15.35″)
  • Blade length:                 18 cm (7″)
  • Steel:                             Japanese high carbon
  • Handle length:              16 cm (6.3″)
  • Handle material:           Japanese White Oak
  • Carry system:                Wooden scabbard
  • Country of origin:          Japan
  • SKU:                              JN14705

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