The Ultimate Edge Diamond Sharpening Steel – 12.7cm (5") Utility

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This oval diamond sharpening steel is designed for home enthusiasts and professionals. 

Although steels often are touted as sharpening tools, few actually sharpen knife blades, but they do perform the vital task of realigning, or resetting, edges, which bend when contacting a cutting surface or other hard object. As this tool’s rod contains microcrystalline diamonds bonded with nickel to an oval steel shaft it’s hard enough to somewhat sharpen a blade.

Using this steel won’t replace a professional sharpening job, which proceeds from coarse grinding to ever-finer grinding at tightly controlled angles. It will however lengthen intervals between sharpening better than a steel without diamonds because it accomplishes the final task of a professional sharpening, which is polishing the edge with its 600-grit mesh to a fine point.


  • 5 inch by 3/4 inch oval, 600 grit diamond
  • Made of microcrystalline diamonds bonded with nickel to oval steel shaft
  • Works with serrated knives; also files glass, crystal, and china
  • Lightweight, versatile and easy to use
  • Rugged plastic handle has hanging hole


  • Steel Length:                  12.7 cm (5 inches)
  • Steel Width:                   1.9 cm  (0.75 inches)
  • Weight:                          136 grams (4.8oz)
  • Overall Length:               31 cm ( 12.2")
  • Country of Origin:          USA
  • Grit:                               600 Grit Diamond Mesh
  • SKU:                               YE05W

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