HAWAII ~ Aloha Kakou – Swiss Army ‘Classic’ Pocket Knife
One of the 10 winning designs in this years Victorinox Limited Edition Swiss Army Knife collection ‘Places of the World’.

The design was submitted by a graphic designer from California and celebrates the fun and laid back style of Hawaii, with a Tiki God to have with you at all times.

It’s a celebration of Hawaii culture with a Tiki God, that perfectly fits the front of the Swiss Army Pocket Knife , integrating the shield logo within the headdress. Ancient Hawaiians filled their amazing land and history with tiki gods, ancient oracles of Hawaiian kahunas. The reverse side is like a postcard with the illustrated title- HAWAII, and within the letters is a scene of Diamond Head, and Honolulu on the island of Oʻahu. It’s all framed by flora and fauna typical of Hawaii. Aloha is Greetings, but it also means, hello, goodbye, affection, and love. Aloha Kakou means, Aloha to all. A perfect salutation for a knife that has a world-wide reach.


  1. small blade
  2. scissors
  3. nail file
  4. screwdriver 2.5 mm
  5. key ring
  6. toothpick
  7. tweezers

Height:      9mm (0.35″)

Length:     58mm (2.3″)

Weight:     21 g

Made in Switzerland.

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