Cut Resistant Glove

The Maxi 5 cut resistance Gloves are made with the highest level of cut resistant material on the market making them 4 times stronger than leather superior gloves and are awarded with the highest level 5 cut resistance.

They are ideal for cutting,slicing,peeling,oyster shucking, carpentry ,wood carving and much more.

They are 100% food safe and machine washable. Lightweight and snug fitting (not bulky).

Sold as an individual glove

Note: For hygiene purposes, cut resistant gloves should always be covered with an impervious glove when handling food. Uncovered glove is for illustrative purposes only.

Uses include:

-Food industry
-Abattoirs and meat processing
-Fisheries and seafood industries
-Commercial kitchens and catering

Size:    M (27cm)  – measurement from base of wrist to tip of middle finger.