• Sharpening

    The Knife Shop has an extensive array of sharpening skills. Three different specialist sharpeners have all of your sharpening requirements covered.

    The knife specialist, working closely with chefs, our specialist knife and gardening tool sharpener, can provide for any angle or degree of sharpness.  Knives chipped or damaged can usually be quite easily repaired.

    We can re-profile your old knives to make them work like new again.

    Our friendly team work with you to maintain your knives once you get them home to always have a sharp knife. We even offer free sharpening lessons.

    Our sharpening service is prompt and efficient, with knife sharpening usually within 24 hours or while you  wait service for single knives.

    • Knives
    • Garden tools
    • Axes
    • Pruning shears
    • Plane blades
    • Chisels

    The in house scissor sharpener can restore your scissors like new, providing a crisp new clean edge to your scissors.

    • Hair dressing scissors/thinning scissors
    • Upholstery scissors
    • Barber scissors
    • Kitchen scissors
    • Pet grooming scissors/curved scissors
    • The clipper man
    • Electric clipper sharpening- Domestic and pet.
    • Horse and cattle clipper serviceing

    The Knife shop has the only diamond face resurfacing machine in Tasmania, which refaces clipper blades of all shapes and sizes.